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  • /u/Curb_the_tide on Iwakuni Clinic Info April 30, 2021
    I’m in Iwakuni, you can DM me and I will get you in touch with the right folks.
  • /u/EWCM on Iwakuni Clinic Info April 30, 2021
    If you want to see what openings they’ve had in the recent past, scroll through their Facebook page. They do have some civilian personnel, but I don’t know about PAs specifically.
  • /u/scumbag_therapist on Iwakuni Clinic Info April 30, 2021
    I've dug through a few posts here, and I found one u/lpkrew who seemed to work there, but I don't know how active they are anymore. Any other leads are super helpful!
  • Iwakuni Clinic Info April 30, 2021
    I'm looking at a job through the MCCS, and I have a spouse who is a Physicians Assistant. I'm wondering if anyone has information on the Base Clinic, and whether they hire civilian PAs? I know there's no openings right now per usajobs.gov, but I can't tell if there ever have been. I've attempted to […]
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  • /u/Chris300zx6 on PCS to Iwakuni, POV Q's March 12, 2020
    Thank you all for the help. If it proved to be to much monetary and hassle wise, I was going to leave it with my dad where routine upkeep and it being driven a bit would happen while I'm gone. I'm gonna miss my girl but I'm not paying to take it and bring it […]
  • /u/freeflailF on PCS to Iwakuni, POV Q's March 12, 2020
    You might get the gov't to ship your car - but it might not meet Japanese requirement to be street legal. Much easier to buy one there (everything from the turnover lot to high end tuners to be had, depending on your wallet). VERY few folks bring cars - it's generally assumed to be not […]
  • /u/Muskaos on PCS to Iwakuni, POV Q's March 11, 2020
    Retired LS here, stationed in Japan 3 times over 7 years combined time. Leave it at home. Buy a used car when you get there. It will cost you a small fortune to get your US sourced car registered there, more than it will cost you to buy a used car, and you will be […]
  • /u/themooseiscool on PCS to Iwakuni, POV Q's March 11, 2020
    You'll be able to store your car at the governments expense. www.pcsmypov.com has the info. I'm basically doing the same thing right now.

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