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  • /u/spider_wolf on Yokosuka, Japan May 29, 2021
    Stay out of the Honch. Its a bar district just outside of the main gate for base. That place is trouble at night. There are some awesome places along Blue Street to hit up for food and drinks. Kmakura is a very cool town very close to Yokosuka with some amazing shrines and temples. If […]
  • /u/Fantastic_Climate198 on Yokosuka, Japan May 26, 2021
    back in his day it was allot more lax and people got away with much more everything you do is under a microscope just be smart and pick your friends wisely you dont wanna go down because of other people. also shibuya and ruppongi are the real party scene since they are away from the […]
  • /u/snargle79 on Yokosuka, Japan May 25, 2021
    No problem there, bars haven't been opened in the Honch in almost a year and they don't appear to opening any time soon. Seen quite a few that have boarded up windows. In all honesty I will be surprised if bars ever open back up in the Honch. I would wager both CFAY and Yokosuka […]
  • /u/Christordeath on Yokosuka, Japan May 25, 2021
    The honch still exist FUCK YEA I hope I get stationed there my dad was in told me all about it how fun it is, it’s like a honky tonk in the middle of Japan. I leave aug 2nd
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